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Edward I Dublin 1A Penny Edward I Dublin 1A Penny, Excellent clear detail, nice natural tone. VF S6246 SOLD Order
1557 Irish Groat, Philip and Mary 1557 Groat, Philip and Mary, Super coin ex DNW. Full and round, nice portraits, and clear harp. VF S6501B 175 Order
Irish James I Sixpence James I Sixpence, mm Bell, ex DNW. Crimp has been straightened, otherwise full and round with excellent detail. VF S6514 95 Order
Irish James I Shilling James I Shilling, mm Bell, A beauty ex DNW gVF S6512 SOLD Order
Ormonde Issue Shilling Charles I Ormonde Issue Shilling, Full with excess metal around edge, lovely blue tone finish. Much better than normal aEF S6546 SOLD Order
Kilkenny Irish HalfPenny Charles I Kilkenny Half Penny, Lovely high grade coin for issue aVF S6555 SOLD Order
1660 Armstrong Farthing 1660-61 Charles II, Armstrong Farthing, VF S6566 SOLD Order
1690 Gun Money Crown 1690 James II Gun Money Crown. Superb VF £200 Order
1690 Gun Money Crown 1690 James II Gun Money Crown. aF £28 Order
1689 Gun Money Half Crown 1689 James II Gun Money Half Crown, Sepr: One insignificant edge bruise at 4 o'clock, otherwise a super full round attractive coin. VF SOLD Order
1690 Gun Money Shilling 1690 James II Gun Money Shilling, March: Super high grade coin gVF SOLD Order
1693 Irish HalfPenny 1693 William and Mary HalfPenny, Dark finish, no damage and with collectors ticket. S6597 gF/gVF SOLD Order
1760 Irish Farthing 1760 George II Farthing, VF S6611 SOLD Order
1805 Irish Bank Token 1805 George III Bank Token 5 pence, undamaged, good honest wear aF S6619 just SOLD Order
1805 Irish Bank Token 1805 George III Bank Token 10 pence, great coin VF S6617 SOLD Order
1813 Irish Bank Token 1813 George III Bank Token 10 pence, great coin speaks for itself. EF S6618 £76 Order
1806 Irish Farthing 1806 George III Farthing, with small dig on cheek VF S6622 SOLD Order
1806 Irish Penny Token

1806 St Patrick Apos Penny Token. DOUBLE SIDED MULE.
   Obv: & Rev: IRELAND 1806
Excellent harps, legends weakly struck as usual. Super interesting coin, Withers 1907, Seaby TK43 RARE Fine. £80

1775 HalfPenny Evasion 1775 Half Penny, Evasion. Brutus Sextus, Music Charms with Irish Harp. These were struck to immediately appear worn so the generally illiterate public wouldn't become suspicious. The edge is very rounded on the obverse side and flat on the reverse. A very unusual piece. aVF 85 Order
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