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Maundy Boxes Maundy Boxes. None currently available. Order
1673 Maundy Set, Charles II 1673 Maundy Set Charles II. An attractive pleasing set. Generally VF or near so. 235 Order
1677 Maundy Set, Charles II 1677 Maundy Set Charles II. A lovely set with consistently dark tone. 4d fine, rest VF or better. SOLD Order
1686 Maundy Set, James II 1686 Maundy Set James II. All absolute beauties. Rainbow tones, mirror reflective fields especially on the 3d, lovely and consistent. One of the best. aEF 600 Order
1701 Maundy Set, William III 1701 Maundy Set William III. Consistent set. Nice silver tone with hints of red. 4d&3d VF, 2d&1d EF+ SOLD Order
1713 Maundy Set, Anne 1713 Maundy Set Anne. Darker tone but all consistent. All attractive VF apart from 2d which is F. Note the 1d is very clearly 13 struck over 10. Also what appears to be a vertical striking mark on the 1d running through hair. SOLD Order
1727 Maundy Set, George I 1727 Maundy Set George I. Consistent contemporary set. High grades throughout, near EF. SOLD Order
1746 Maundy Set, George II 1746 Maundy Set George II. Goegeous mild tones, light rainbow blues and yellows with mirror fields. EF or better. 345 Order
1792 Maundy Set, George III 1792 Maundy Set George III Wire Money. The classic set. Beautiful mild yellow tones. aEF SOLD Order
1800 Maundy Set, George III 1800 Maundy Set George III. Lovely even set, around VF-EF. Fairly dark tone with rainbow colours. SOLD Order
1825 Maundy Set, George IV 1825 Maundy Set George IV. Lovely even set, around VF-EF. 2d TRITANNIAR for Britanniar. Lovely natural consistent tones. SOLD Order
1832 Maundy Set, William IV 1832 Maundy Set William IV. Attractive set probably put together more recently. 3d,2d,1d are VF+ the 4d is weaker probably VF. Very appealing in the hand, natural gey silver colour. SOLD Order
1837 Maundy Set, William IV 1837 Maundy Set William IV. Very attractive bright finish. Around EF. SOLD Order
1897 Maundy Set, Victoria 1897 Maundy Set Victoria Veiled Head, Consistent bright finish. aUnc 115 Order
1899 Maundy Set, Victoria 1899 Maundy Set Victoria Veiled Head, Consistent bright finish. aUnc 115 Order
1905 Maundy Set, Edward VII 1905 Maundy Set Edward VII, Superb almost proof like. Absolutely beautiful tone with mirror fields and rainbow colours. aUnc 120 Order
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