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1696 Sixpence, William III 1696 Sixpence. Very attractive high grade. Apparent hay mark on edge at 1 o'clock , this is not post strike damage. Interesting degeneration in GVLIELMVS including excess metal in places. Overall VF or better. S3520 £90 Order
1696Y Sixpence, William III 1696Y York Sixpence. York large crowns. Lower grade but undamaged and still attractive. Fair/nFine S3526 £35 Order
1697B Sixpence, William III 1697B Bristol Sixpence. Bristol small crowns. Possibly B over E variety but this can be argued so will not be sold as such. Lovely dark obverse, some underlying golden lustre on the reverse. nEF/EF S3532 £250 Order
1697E Sixpence, William III 1697E Exeter Sixpence. Decent example of this variety, pleasant natural tone. Curious E. Overall Fine S3530 £60 Order
1697 Sixpence, William III 1697 Sixpence. Practically as struck. Choice piece. Mark in 2nd quarter is haymarking and exaggerated by the camera. Beautiful underlying lustre incl. reds and yellows in light on the reverse. aUnc S3531 £300 Order
1701 Sixpence, William III 1701 Sixpence.Good eye appeal with blue tone in obverse fields. Rarer date. gFine+ S3538 SOLD Order
1703 Sixpence, Anne 1703 Sixpence VIGO. Wonderful natural colours, great eye appeal. aEF S3590 £300 Order
1707 Sixpence, Anne 1707 Sixpence. Roses and Plumes. Lovely original steel grey tone. gVF or better. S3594 £175 Order
1711 Sixpence, Anne 1711 Sixpence. An absolute cracker. Plenty of underlying lustre and rainbow tones throughout. The pictures don't do justice, you won't be disappointed, guaranteed. EF S3619 SOLD Order
1723 Sixpence, George I 1723 Sixpence. Excellent coin perhaps lighter than the pictures depict. gFine/aVF S3652 SOLD Order
1746 Sixpence, George II 1746 Sixpence LIMA. Lovely grade, lovely colours, lovely coin !! VF+/EF S3710A SOLD Order
1787 Sixpence, George III 1787 Sixpence. No Hearts. Usual rainbow colours for this date. Lustre on obverse, slightly darker on reverse. EF S3748 £60 Order
1787 Sixpence, with hearts, George III 1787 Sixpence. With Hearts. Lovely natural tone, good value for money example. aVF S3748 SOLD Order
1820 Sixpence, George III 1820 Sixpence. Very pleasing good mid grade coin. Nothing to detract. VF+ S3791 SOLD Order
1824 Sixpence, George IV 1824 Sixpence. Heavily toned coin, moreso than picture suggests and certainly not so bright. Still a very high grade with rainbow colours and pleasing. EF S3814 SOLD Order
1826 Sixpence, George IV 1826 Sixpence. Probably guilded to pass as Half Sovereign. A decent budget coin, no damage. Good value for a gF S3815 £16 Order
1834 Sixpence, William IV 1834 Sixpence. Mirrorlike finish. Deep tones especially to legends. This coin has huge eye appeal. EF+ S3836 £150 Order
1871 Sixpence, Victoria 1871 Sixpence. die no. 17. Vertical mark below truncation is actually excess metal. Dull grey finish with some underlying lustre in legends. Very pleasant. VF+ S3910 £34 Order
1878 Sixpence, Victoria 1878 Sixpence. die no. 52. Bright finish. Small marks beneath ear on neck are not really showing in the picture but must be noted tho not deep. Overall very pleasing. VF+ S3910 SOLD Order
1887 Sixpence, Victoria 1887 Sixpence. Bargain Coin. Bright finish, toned legends. VF S3929 SOLD Order
1892 Sixpence, Victoria 1892 Sixpence. Bargain Coin. Bright finish. nFine S3929 £5 Order
1906 Sixpence, Edward VII 1906 Sixpence. Bargain Coin. Bright finish. nFine S3983 £5 Order
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